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Business Telephone Systems

How Much Do Business Telephone Systems Cost?

The Best Rated Business Phone Plans for 2023

We reviewed the top business phone systems available and ranked these top choices.

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Highest Rated Phone Service




Good Choice for Small Businesses


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Best System for a 14 Day Free Trial


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Highly Rated for Remote Teams


Both your "direct" and "indirect" telephone system costs that will determine your total business telephone systems cost. Get 3 business telephone system price quotes. Start here...

  • Telephone systems network switches, telephone system UPS, telephone system backup system and business telephone system cabling.
  • Telephone systems service contract, annual maintenance fees, software licensing.
  • Installation costs for electrical, cost for furnishings (desks, tables, racks, etc).
  • Communication lines (Copper lines, PRI, BRI, T1, MPLS, SIP trunk, local loop).
  • Local and long distance communication charges (cost per minute).
  • Your business telephone systems features.
  • Extra seat cost for handsets, modem and fax lines.

We represent all major business telephone system brands and network with all top business telephone system dealers. Whether you’re buying a new business telephone system, need business telephone system repair or you're simply adding a voice communication line, we're here to help you get your best business telephone system price! Start here...

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