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8x8 Business Phone Systems Guide (2021)

Pricing, Set Up, Features & How to Use

8x8 Phone System Prices

For small business owners, one sure-fire way for business to grow is with effective communication on all fronts.

A great way to successfully communicate with your customers and your team is to use the appropriate tools, which brings us to the 8x8 Phone System.

About 8x8 Phone System

The 8x8 Phone System is a cloud-based communication system that combines video conferencing and messaging capacities as well as audio phone calls. It is a unified communications system, fit for small businesses and enterprise-level businesses alike.

In This Guide:

  1. Features
  2. How to Use
  3. 8x8 Phone System Pricing
  4. Other Info
  5. Free Phone System Price Quotes

Features of the 8x8 Phone System

Features of the 8x8 phone system include:

  • Supports voice, team messaging, and conferencing.
  • It can allow communication to be accessed anywhere; with iOS and Android devices, it makes on-the-go responses easier to connectors.
  • 8x8 can be used on desktop computers, desk phones, and laptops.
  • The contact center is geared towards companies with sizable customer support teams.
  • The system works on many different plans.

How to Use

The first step is to unbox the phone and remove all the central materials. Assemble the phones, connecting the ports to one another. Then, plug in the internet cord into its socket. Do the same with the adapter of the phone. At this point, you can turn it on.

To use the device, follow the instructions on the guide. The keys have inscriptions on them that inform the user what they perform.

While some keys serve two purposes. For example, the plus sign key increases the volume of the phone's sound, as well as that of the caller when communication is still in progress; the reverse applies to minus sign key. Other keys remain to each serve a singular purpose.

8x8 Phone System Pricing

$12 per user per month sits as the most basic plan, while $115 is the top plan. Between the two are other plans which offer different levels of functionality based on the needs of specific businesses.

The $12, called the Express plan, offers unlimited calling within U.S. and Canada, video conferencing, and team messaging and file sharing. The $115 allows a call center plan with automatic call distinction, customer surveys, and customer experience analytics.

The other plans are X2 at the rate of $25, coming after the Express plan, and the X4 at $45.

The higher the plan, the more increase in offers. It ranges between the Express plan and X8. The X8 is a top-level 8x8, an elevated version of the 8x8 Phone System plan.

Other Relevant Information

There are many benefits that come with using the 8x8 Phone System.

  • There's an available 30-day free trial only on the Express plan. Unless you set up any other plan, the free trial is intact for all Express plan users upon sign-up.
  • You get video conferencing, as well as a team collaboration tool from all plans. Based on the kind of plan in use, video conferencing covers several connectors. For example, the X2 plan allows 10 participants to have a video conference.

Go ahead and introduce this phone system to your business now. It'll be a step in the right direction for all your official communication needs.


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