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Shoretel Business Phone Systems Guide (2021)

Pricing, Set Up, Features & How to Use

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Shoretel Phone System Prices

Communication keeps businesses working at their best, but it can often be difficult for some organizations to seamlessly integrate communication tasks within their teams. The ShoreTel phone system is meant for businesses of all sizes to handle VoIP, instant messaging, videoconferencing, and more. Here, we examine all aspects of the ShoreTel VoIP phone system, including ShoreTel system phone pricing, features, setting up a ShoreTel phone system, and more.

In This Guide:

  1. About Shoretel
  2. Features
  3. Setup
  4. Shoretel Phone System Pricing
  5. How to Use
  6. Free Phone System Price Quotes


ShoreTel is a telecommunications company founded in 1996. Although Mitel recently acquired the company, many businesses still rely on the ShoreTel VoIP phone system for their communication infrastructure.

Every business has to stay connected with its partners and customers to succeed. With the ShoreTel phone system, you get a managed solution to help you with your communication and collaboration needs.


One of the ShoreTel sky phone system features that allows for added security is their dual on-premise and cloud hosting systems. The ShoreTel phone system also allows for a significant amount of customization, which is ideal for businesses with more structured operations.

Of course, one of the ShoreTel Phone System’s main features is its CRM integration solutions with popular apps such as Zendesk, NetSuite, and more. The ShoreTel VoIP phone system also allows business calls to be forwarded to mobile devices and other features such as music on hold and automated attendants.

Setting Up

There are different ways that your ShoreTel sky phone system can be set up. Your business might be interested in a cloud-based system for additional flexibility. Other organizations might be more interested in on-premise hosting. The ShoreTel phone system cost will vary depending on how exactly you want your ShoreTel VoIP phone system to be set up and the preferred types of infrastructure.

Shoretel Phone System Pricing

It’s no secret that businesses want to have seamless integration of their communication services, as it could help them grow significantly. The right business phone system can significantly help when it comes to customer service, communicating with co-workers, and videoconferencing with strategic partners. There is also an additional one-time fee for training and installation.

Of course, businesses also have to think about their bottom line. How does the ShoreTel system phone pricing compare to the competition? There are various plans depending on your needs, but the ShoreTel phone system pricing is as follows: it ranges from $20.99 per user per month to $38.49 per user per month.

On-premise hosting is a different situation, and it means that you will be dealing with varying numbers in terms of ShoreTel phone system cost. Specifically, there is a one-time cost of $700 per user for on-premise hosting, and you can expect to pay $1250 per call center license. Businesses can also choose to pay for their ShoreTel phone system on a per-phone basis, in which case they will be paying around $300 per phone.

How to Use

Ultimately, the ShoreTel VoIP phone system is designed to allow for increased collaboration and communication, whether it comes to employees sharing screens or seamlessly transferring calls, but it’s also about data management. More businesses than ever are interested in scaling their companies through the use of data analysis.

ShoreTel phone systems also allow organizations to learn more about sales performance through their calls, and obtain call data analytic reports to refine the process.


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